Under the quarantine period caused by the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), parents have had much more time to play with their kids. They could search for online games on the Internet and teach their children to play. The followings are the best online gamer for kids to not only entertain but also educate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1/Counting Pizza Party

Counting Pizza Party is a simple game for kids at the ages of over four. The game asks players to count the number of pizza topping and make pizzas for buyers. Thanks to the fun noises, bells, and beautiful toppings, the game helps pre-k students to learn the numbers quickly.  

2/Alphabet Space Photoshoot

Alphabet Space Photoshoot is designed simply for kids to improve their letter-recognition skills when schools have to close during the social distancing period. Players can use an x-ray camera to look at the alphabet quickly.

3/Shape Shadow Matching

Shape Shadow Matching is also a simple game for young kids. The game has eight cards face-down and requires players to use their memory to match two similar shapes. The super fun game will train the brain muscles of kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4/Animals and Their Babies

Animals and Their Babies are easy enough for over-four-year-old kids to play. They only need to find the babies of the parent animals, then follow the clues to find out the babies and connect them again to their fathers and mothers. So cute game!

5/Match the Rhyming Words

Match the Rhyming Words is also one of the suitable games for kids at the ages of over four. When playing, parents only need to guide their kids to do correctly what the game suggests. Players look at pictures of common rhyming words such as socks, hats, and buses, and read them aloud when putting the cursor over the images. Players could match all rhyming words on the page until they could match them correctly.