Five games on Android are seen by a lot of people in a short period during the Corona virus outbreak season. 

During the time you have to relax at home and limit going out to avoid the Corona virus outbreak, gaming is a very good option for fun and “killing time” .Here are five popular Android app store games that you can download and play for relaxing.

Spiral Roll 

A game so basic that its summary on the Google Play app store has just 1 word “Shovel wooden bars to create spirals and overcome obstacles” so you can do it very quickly and enjoy it.

Perfect Cream

Perfect Cream This is a game where you can select the best ingredients for an ice cream or an ice cream dessert. Sounds fun too, why don’t you check it out. 

Fruit Link – Line Blast 

Fruit Link-Line Blast is a related Android Candy Crush game with a completely different art style and theme, as is the case with so many versions of this Candy Crush. One thing that stands out in the game is the difficult challenges, but not to the point of pushing you to pay money to keep playing.

Robot Car Transform Futuristic Supercar 

Much as in Transformers, you’re controlling a supercar that can turn into a flying machine or a transformer-style robot to fend off other transforming robots. There are enhancements and things that you can buy in the game. The ratings for the game are full of bots, but the interface is not as nice as the movie.


1945 is a mobile remake of the classic 194x vertical scroll shooter game of the 1990s

Apart from arousing nostalgia for losing coins in the arcade, the game has fantastic graphics and easy controls much like the original version. 

It boasts a lot of features including 16 World War II aircraft to select from, multiplayer PvP, additional game modes, over 150 levels and achievements. It may be said that 1945 was the best game out of all the trendy Android titles on the Play Store.