As dedicated to giving useful experience to fans, the latest MMORPG game really shocked the audience by unveiling 3 exclusive graphical features that first appeared in the current update.

First of all, there’s a special character makeup system-Thien Nhan Thien Dien

This feature allows players to select from a range of character make-up types. All forms from regular male-female, muscular males to Loli females are thoroughly modified. This is perceived to be a feature that encourages human elements by allowing players the ability to display their looks, not only through a range of make-up schemes, but now also applies to changing faces. That each type of makeup is designed in a different style from the colour of the skin, eye color, lipstick color, red lipstick on the forehead…brings an elegance that is both antique and revolutionary according to contemporary make-up patterns.

Also in this new edition, players will be able to see the landscape of the heavens and the world change from the physical time of the day to the seasons of the year, much like real life. A pure dreamy dawn, a mysterious black night, drizzling rain, fog, snowfall, silent moonlit hours, or even a brilliant meteor shower, is enough.

Vong Uu Island is a popular location, the root of which leads players to join the chivalrous martial world of MMORPG games in particular and MMORPG game series players in general. This is also the “home” of MMORPG Smartphone gamers, a familiar dating site. Coming to this edition of Thien Dieu Than Co, Vong Uu Island’s scenery is much more stunning and vibrant thanks to the sharp 3D graphics feature. From now on, players can freely save memories on Vong Uu Island with the guild, video-take 360-degree “stretch” videos, the real depth of space is no different from advanced film capturing equipment.