China is one of the biggest nations in the world, with the largest population. It is also a state of video gamers, whether male or female and young or old. The Chinese video game market is the fastest-growing and profitable in the world. Here are some of the most popular video games in China.

1/ Honor of King

The Honor of King is an online multiplier battle game where many players can be active at the same time. Over 200 million people worldwide play the Honor of King per month, including over 55 million players in China. As a result, the Honor of King becomes the most popular video game in the world in general and in China in particular. 

The Honor of King is designed for mobile users in 2015. The game includes two teams with five-on-five battles. Each team will try to control their heroes through different skills to attack an enemy.

2/ Fantasy Westward Journey

Fantasy Westward Journey is the first 3D animation game that was launched by NetEase in 2015. It is also one of the most popular video games in China, with over 250 million active gamers in the nation. The mobile version of this game brings a total gross revenue of $2.3 billion per year.

When playing this game, players can customize both appearance and skills of their heroes and explore the new places to defeat against various enemies.

3/ QQ Speed

QQ Speed is one of the most famous racing games in China. It has enjoyed great popularity since the releasing date in 2010. A recent report showed that over two million people were active in playing QQ Speed simultaneously. In 2018, about 25 million people downloaded this 3D game. 

QQ Speed combined both competitive and casual racing. The game can be played single or multiplayer, but not more than six players.