If you think that online games are not suitable for kids, you should think again. There are many kinds of online games, of which, educational ones will help children learn many subjects and knowledge in fast and straightforward ways.

The followings are online games that help kids improve their health and physical education.

1/ GoNoodle

GoNoodle provides video content with a purpose to help partners and teachers get kids moving. This online game includes over 300 videos featuring kid’s songs, dance, yoga, stretching, and mindfulness, among others.

This game is particularly useful for children when they stay at home during the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Whether you want to get kids moving or making cleaning up around the house fun or hold a dance party for them, GoNoodle has the perfect videos.

2/ Learning Games for Kids: Health

It is important for partners and teachers to teach children about their bodies and stay healthy as soon as possible. The Learning Games for Kids provides you with about 36 health-related games across four categories. Those games will help them love to care about their health.

Playing these games can introduce them to knowledge about health, such as allergies, body parts, and dental hygiene. The games include tests for kids to reinforce what they learn in school.

3/ Eat and Move-O-Matic

Eat and Move-O-Matic was developed by New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab, in a bid to encourage young people to learn and practice about healthy and active lifestyles.

The game will ask children to match a food list and something from the activity list. Based on the combination of food and activity they choose, it will tell how long it takes to burn off the calories.

For example, you eat a medium-sized banana with 30 calories; you will need four minutes of playing high-impact active video games to burn off such calories.

With 35 activities and 80 foods, players will make a discovery about their favorite foods and get healthy.