Most parents think that playing online games is harmful to children. However, it also has physical and social benefits.

1/ Closer Relationships

When children play multiplayer games with friends or family in the living room, these games can help closer the relationships via shared moments and improve their social skills.

Notably, the online games are useful for children who may have disabilities. Playing these games can be a right way for them to make friends if they are restricted. 

2/ Promote Teamwork, Build Confidence

The multiplayer games let children take on a variety of roles and allow them to learn the way to manage a team if they are the leaders. Besides, players can share experiences and learn from each other to build confidence. 

3/ Provide a fun way to stay active

Some online games, such as Pokemon GO and Zumba, can motivate children to stay active while gaming. Notably, mobile gaming applications allow children not to have to be glued to the television to play games. They can now play the game on the GO. 

4/ Help Develop Compassion 

There are many online games and applications that have been designed to help children manage their emotions. Such games also encourage kind behavior, empathy, and compassion

5/ Share about Fears

Sometimes, children can share their fears with their parents or friends. They can easily talk about worries in a virtual context. Therefore, the games may provide a safe place for kids to express themselves.

6/ Experience Stories

Immersive games can help players enjoy stories in a more engaging way. They can shape the way that the story is told to increase creative skills.

7/ Create Time, Space for Deeper Thinking 

Now, many schools are using online games to help students understand and think deeply about complex topics, including building match skills or getting to grips with concepts in science. Allowing students to see things in a different way can encourage them to grasp topics faster and in a deeper way.