The foggy weather in PUBG Mobile Sanhok will reduce their vision and kill them. But with these tips and tricks, you can still spot your rivals. 

Foggy weather is a Sanhok-exclusive feature of PUBG Mobile

It can reduce the exposure of a lot of players and ruin them. However, with these tips and tricks, you can still find enemies and see them better than most gamers.

You need a decent attachment and some tips to see clearly in the foggy weather on this map: 

Insert the 6x lens and zoom in for use as a 3x lens for direct viewing. It gives you a better perspective in more ranges than in other ranges. 

There’s always a scout on your side who’s the eye of your team, but don’t get too far behind him. If your scout gets knocked out, throw a smoke grenade to protect him and get him back to safety. 

Then don’t run straight to the snake, as it’s going to ram you, too.

Adjust your help and cover place as the knocked out man is resurrected. 

Using the sight to locate enemies on the grassland. They are generally found in grassland around trees or rocks. Check all the trees and rocks in the path of the 6x range gunfire.

Besides, by the light of the pistol, you can easily spot the enemy. So it’s a smart idea to use a hide flash instead of a suppressor or a clearing light to hide your location in the dark season. 

Using frag grenades to search some high-risk corners instead of running straight to the enemy. 

You can make fake footsteps sound by jumping when you’re behind a tree or rock to draw your enemies into their eyes.

When you see the enemy’s position, throw a fragrant grenade or a spectacular grenade to stun the enemy for a while before attacking. 

Another trick is to decrease the brightness so that the white fog doesn’t make you foggy.